Carry Me Home Tonight

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_DramaQueen02 By _DramaQueen02 Updated 2 years ago
There is a moment in you life when you know that you truely love a person. It could be your first kiss with them, the first time you lay eyes on them, or even the first time you make love. For me it was all of those things, I have loved Mark since the day I laid eyes on him, since our first kiss, and since the first time we made love. But there is a true defining moment in any given person's life when you REALLY know that you love a person. And that moment came for me right here and right now, I finally know his secrets and what hides behind the locked door. But none of it mattered, NOTHING mattered in this moment, but him in my arms and his tears on my shirt. I love him despite the imperfections, because that is what makes him so beautiful to me. And I know right in this moment that even if he doesn't love me back that a part of my heart will always belong to Mark Halverson, the boy whole stole my heart with a small kiss, the boy with hazel eyes, the boy who carried me home. *SEQUEL TO: The Way I Loved You*
sweet_dreamsJ sweet_dreamsJ a year ago
Anyone feeling like checking out my book, Hitched Before Kissed?
dmhardin dmhardin a year ago
I am not going to read anymore stories on Wattpad that are not complete. I think it's totally irresponsible to get people hooked on a story and not update for 6 months or longer. My advise don't post at all until you have FINSHED the story.
Ahenrietta Ahenrietta a year ago
Is this mark from the first book you wrote cause it sounds like but that was when mark was 6 years old
momo70 momo70 a year ago
Its been 5 months !!!! U want people to read ur stories so y not update
October143 October143 a year ago
it sounds like a repeat of drama of your last book with problems and such. ugh i cant go through this in one night. I have to go to bed now. I read the first book in one night and i can not start more drama tonight lol i will read it in the morning. goodnight :)
forever Cayden's girl <3
lila246 lila246 2 years ago
this story was the first story i read on wattpad and still is the best :)