Sexy, Sweet & Dirty |Gerard Way Imagine..|

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LuluPunkRock LuluPunkRock 10 days ago
If u liked this fanfic u should read mine it's similar 
Comment too let me know what u think hahah
LuluPunkRock LuluPunkRock 10 days ago
I wrote a fanfic Gerard Way/You fanfic if u loved this fanfic you should read mine it's crazy!! Hahaha
AnimeLemons127 AnimeLemons127 3 months ago
Ugh I love Gerard way 
Why do I have to be so damn young?! XD
MandaMandaManson MandaMandaManson 7 months ago
Part 2 ^-^
MandaMandaManson MandaMandaManson a year ago
Thanks guys! I'm the writer, I lost control of this account and will finally be making a part two on this account. Glad you enjoy it! :))