Wild Turkey

Bella Swan's life had been turned upside down, but she hadn't thought things could get worse. She was wrong. Life as she knew it was over the minute her father drove them pass the sign that said Welcome to Wild Turkey Island, Alabama, population 1,200. Yeah, life officially sucked.
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This book is amazing!!!! I love that mike is a golden Labrador it suits his personality
You have me hooked. Edward needs to ditch Tanya. Pronto.
This is so exciting! I love Alice and Rose! Keep writing!
I love this chapter ;) It's amazing! 
Mike is a dog :D When I read that I couldn't stop laughing.
Haha she freaks out about the turkey....oh Bella. I think I'm gonna like this story
I really like this so far :) 
good job and I couldn't help but laugh at the turkey encounter ;)
Edward sounds so hot. Man, this is so exciting.
I LOVE this story! I reckon it'll be one of my favorites!

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