Wild Turkey

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tardis19 By tardis19 Completed
Bella Swan's life had been turned upside down, but she hadn't thought things could get worse.  She was wrong.  Life as she knew it was over the minute her father drove them pass the sign that said Welcome to Wild Turkey Island, Alabama, population 1,200. Yeah, life officially sucked.
Authorbest Authorbest 6 months ago
I finished reading don't fight it last night and I am starting this early in the morning. For some reason you got me abdicated to your books.
showFreak1232 showFreak1232 2 years ago
Im in love with all of your books!!! I like this one so much
Kenna_Benna Kenna_Benna 2 years ago
Okay, this is really great. In all your stories you take the twilight characters that everybody loves and adds something to them I love all your stories and this seems to be a great addition and beginning. Can't wait for an update! :)
MeredithJones7 MeredithJones7 2 years ago
Haha she freaks out about the turkey....oh Bella. I think I'm gonna like this story
mourgana0704 mourgana0704 2 years ago
A perfect new story which btw totally got me and now I stuck and need to wait for more chapters...I love the wild running around turkey :-) keep on the amazing job! I will follow almost every of your stories :-) love
XxVioletRosexX15 XxVioletRosexX15 2 years ago
I really like this so far :) 
good job and I couldn't help but laugh at the turkey encounter ;)