It was a dream, yet reality. Time seemed to move faster then it should. A dream world, yes, a dream world that simple shouldn't exist. Yet it does, and we all live there, and when you live in a dream world you're damned to meet some dream people.
Absolutely unique concept and amazing writing... Good job :)
You're so talented!! I love this story.
The book cover is amazing.
PS: Portuguese reader here!!
Wow. Such imagery! "It was a terrible feeling, to hate one's self for caring for another." Stunning.
"She spun pretty hopes out of rotten yarn, wrapped herself in them..." Gorgeous.
I am in love with this!
That was sad and the message made me understand more the author is talented and I feel bad for her
After reading the author's note, wow. So talented, the way the story is a metaphor, and lets us interpret it each in a different way.
Very well written and good way to use a dream for an internet metaphor. I look forward to reading your other works.