Carter Brothers: Eli (Rated R novel)

[Book 3 of the Carter Brother series *can be read separately* ]. Rated-R Novel (only Rated R on some chapters). Eli Carter and Ivy Stanford come from totally different backgrounds. Eli has an easy life; money, women, good looks and a colourful view of the world-Ivy on the other hand is the complete opposite; her life is hard with sacrifices needing to be made at every turn. Armed with the knowledge that life is...well a b*tch, Ivy is extra cautious when it comes to relationships. But even her efforts of pushing away the handsome yet cocky Carter man don't work. And although, Eli's never had a woman resist him before- he'll be damned if the first one happens to be his mate.
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So I this the other nickname ... Or nah... First honey bee?i think ... Then doe now this lol!!
@VeronicaBaby Annnnd I finished the paragraph & realized the reasoning behind the nickname Tinkerbell lol.
If only it was like that in real life. you had a mate and you knew who it was as soon as you met them. That undeniable bond. Beautiful thing. Wish it was real
Now this brother is more like Damon Salvatore. Cocky, can be a d*ck, funny and totally loveable.

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