Carter Brothers: Eli (Rated R novel)

[Book 3 of the Carter Brother series *can be read separately* ]. Rated-R Novel (only Rated R on some chapters). Eli Carter and Ivy Stanford come from totally different backgrounds. Eli has an easy life; money, women, good looks and a colourful view of the world-Ivy on the other hand is the complete opposite; her life is hard with sacrifices needing to be made at every turn. Armed with the knowledge that life is...well a b*tch, Ivy is extra cautious when it comes to relationships. But even her efforts of pushing away the handsome yet cocky Carter man don't work. And although, Eli's never had a woman resist him before- he'll be damned if the first one happens to be his mate.
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@BRIEZY18 exactly ur trying to help a sexaholic but then have sex with him and make it worse lol
she kne wat was gne happen -.-  y wuld yu even go there n he claimed 2 be a sex aholic pfffff she kne betta....oh well.lmaoooo ha fault
Omg i was like, Eric? Whose Eric isn't this Eli's story but now i get it. Douche move but whatever.
Not defending him or anything but it's partly her fault. No Judgment. Just saying.
Poly holy eli is ..  ......can i even have words to described this man. oh yes no offense but your a manwhore. Eli
LOL...hilarious Eli is a Dick bt you gotta say that was unexpected I was lost for a minute. What an amazing job u go girl

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