Bloodline Chronicles

Seven different special bloodlines run through the selected humans living in the world of Gaea. However, due to some reasons, possessing these special powers from the bloodlines was treated as a threat instead of a gift. What will be the future of these when an underground organization aims to extinguish them? What will be the possessors do to preserve them even if their own selves are at stake for doing so? This is a story of war between two beliefs, a story of truth and betrayal, a story of love, peace, and faithfulness, and lastly, a story about the different bloodlines which, through the years, became full of confusions, lies, and deceit.
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so far, this story was great...

too good to be your first novel,brother...
phew !
<ang hirap>
Haha cheezy love story, nice healing powers I want to know what the other have in them :D
I haven't read the 1st chapter yet...but I look forward that I would enjoy reading it all the way.. the prologue was nicely done.. keep up!
Loving it so far ( I know I'm still at the very beginnig, but seriously, I like it ^^. Too good to be your first novel.. :)
Haven't read it yet, but will do in due time....wanted to know, as it mentions gaea, does it have any relation or reference to Escaflowne.
Aww, this is sweet :] Really sad though :/ And Max Thieriot has such an innocent face...

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