Everleigh Lockwood's sweet Grandma Marie gave her a very strange present for her nineteenth birthday before she passed away. "It'll take you places," she promised. 
    Grandma Marie certainly kept her word. 
    When Everleigh finally gets around to using the global positioning system, she makes an interesting discovery: it's broken. The thing's totally wack - it never takes her where she wants to go. Instead, she keeps bumping into Caymen Reynolds - her sister's (oh-so sexy) ex-boyfriend. Despite the fact that Martha, the apparently "perfect gps", sucks at giving directions... Ever doesn't seem to mind the mix-up.
Oh that's sad if she won't see her grandmother again.  I have a young great aunt. (my late grandma's sister) who also doesn't. Eww ant to be called grandma either ... so what Marie said to her granddaughter reminded me of that. Young at heart!
What happened to Marie? :( She seems like a lovely woman.. :)
wow i can so relate to that story i recently lost my grandmother its really hard to move on since we were really close anyways imma read some more
O.M.G.!!!!!!! That was toooo CUTE!!!!   I  L O V E D it      i love the part about him following her and admitting his feelings!!!!!!!   TOOOO SWEET!!!!!
I loved this on Quizilla. I had to have read it at least ten times on there. I'm so glad you reposted it.
Okay so I've read this from Quizilla and it was the cutest thing EVER! So now I'm going to reread it! I never realized how many stories you once put up. Thanks ;D