Better Than Revenge

Christian Ryder may be seen as a heartthrob by the majority of the world’s female population, but to Sophia Hastings, he might as well be the newest addition to the gorilla exhibit at the zoo. Sophia is a young, aspiring actress with big dreams who swears having to work with Christian Ryder wouldn't be worth all the fame in the world. Christian is a cocky womanizer whose world is turned upside down when he realizes his new leading lady just so happens to openly hate his guts. Is it even possible for Christian and Sophia to learn to get along long enough to make a movie, or will hatred, scandal and childish games destroy their careers? *** My eyes widened and I randomly exclaimed, “Oh, my God!" “What?” “Christian, thanks to you, I now understand what people mean when they say you’re dark and handsome!” Christian looked smug. “I knew you would eventually.” “They mean that when it’s dark, you’re handsome!” The smug look on his face disappeared. “I hate you.” *** Contains some spoilers to Kidnap My Heart.
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Complete opposite room! I have muscle car drawings everywhere and hunger games posted and a big fat mirror in my room.
Opens closet* nope not next to the boogie man come out c'mon I don't bite (or do I)
omg I lov this I especially fangirl over movies wen I read the books and I know a shirtless guy part is going to come on
@Ken_chic no she's not broadway is like the best thing ever (after fandoms) ! I would hav broken up with him to
Kidding... *Laughs sadly*
*Laughing turns into crying*
*Is now crying hysterically*
most overused sentence when you go to the movies with your best friend and apparently watched a movie that consists of mostly hunky guys.

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