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Bio: ´╗┐Name: Niall H. Age: Legal Place: In the bushes (Harry Styles' hair) Fan of: Harry Styles' skinny jeans, Harry Styles' hands, Harry Styles' body, Harry Styles' everything. Oh, and Anne Cox's son. Occupation: Parttime working at Tesco's and fulltime fanboy. My name is Niall and I live the live of a fangirl. Except that I'm not a girl, I have a flat chest and a willy but other than that, I'm kind of the living example of about ninety percent of the Skyway fandom. I spent about seven hours a day blogging and scrolling through Twitter and Tumblr for new pictures of my favorite boys in the world. I would scream and probably faint if I ever meet Harry Styles even though the chances are very slim since he doesn't even notice me on Twitter. Liam Payne follows me and I'm greatful for that but I just want Harry to notice me so I'm one step closer to a marriage with the love of my life. Zayn and Louis are sexy too but they don't even compare to my Harry. Anyway, if you have a question, let me know. I'm most likely to answer them within three minutes unless I'm at work, sleeping or drooling over my laptop or phone due Harry Styles' sexyness.
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Aaaaaand here we go again! This is my third time reading this MAGNIFICENTLY WELL WRITTEN STORY!
700th comment! anyways just wanted to say I love your story and you inspired me to write my own Narry fanfic. Thank you :)
Alright. And we read this for the six millionth time. I'll forget that something happens and get happy all over again
I'm like that with Niall and Louis.....IM NOUIS A GIRL!!! HAZZA IS MY SOFT SPOT!
Even people who aren't direction era have to admit they've done this more than once
@miahoran286 same, this was the first narry book I read and I can't help but read it agajn

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