Nothing to Lose

At age 25, Imani Forde doesn't quite know what to do when a house fire makes her lose everything that she has. She isn't sure how she will cope until she is offered a large amount of money in return for her taking on a job with the iciest human on earth. Handsome, intelligent and complicated are three words that can be used to describe Vincent Pellegrino. Son of multi millionaire Giovanni Pellegrino, taking over the family business is what is expected out of him. But expectations and reality prove to be two different things when it comes to Vincent. When their two worlds collide, an act of kindness begins a spiral of emotions for the both of them. THIS IS IN AN INTERRACIAL BW/WM. I AM SIMPLY MAKING YOU AWARE SO THAT YOU KNOW. IF RACE REALLY PLAYS A BIG PART IN YOUR ENJOYMENT THEN I'M SORRY GUYS, YOU PROBABLY WON'T LIKE IT. :D Happy Reading.
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She spelled paediatrics correctly,there's two ways to spell it. So shut up you ignorant turds
OMG this book just won my heart  great chapter. Is she going to meet Vince at the hospital?
why do grammatical errors matter? If you wanted a book with no mistakes, go spend money instead of reading great books for free
I might not have got myself invested in the book story or eveb read the book  to begin with .... Thatd be a difference....
This part on down is kind of confusing. if its a new seen shouldn't there be something here letting us (as the audience) know?
okay! and? at the end of the day, dont nobody care about a damn gramattical error. you know what she meant, so shut that shit up and keep reading! hell!

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