Soul Stalker (Paranormal Romance)

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KateBloomfield By KateBloomfield Updated 2 years ago
Seth is not an ordinary boy. From a very young age he has been able to see death manifest itself as an aura around others. Aged 17, he is an outcast at school, and has learned to hide his strange ability. That is, until Arella starts at his school. There is something different about her; she has no aura, something which Seth has never witnessed before.
HRHill HRHill a month ago
This is an amazing story, really enjoying it so far but please update.. Can't wait to read the rest!
Kristen243 Kristen243 6 months ago
Poor kid, please update. And when is the girl with no aroma come around?
JeniElizabeth JeniElizabeth a year ago
Really enjoyed this first chapter, looking forward to reading more! :)