Long and Dirty Harry Styles Imagines

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lets_ride_unicorns By lets_ride_unicorns Updated a year ago
Imagine a night with harry styles, a member of one direction... Its long and really dirty so dont read it if you get disturbed easily. This is pg 18 by the way, rated R. CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT. A lot of sexual content.     Plus, as a bonus, i've added more reaallllyyy dirty imagines with harry! Make sure you vote ok?
kiaera kiaera 2 months ago
Is it weird that made me laugh.... Out loud.... In the middle of class
_MybabyHarry _MybabyHarry 2 months ago
how can you talk with a dick in your mouth it's like BO VOO LK IT HAWWY
L28Xxx L28Xxx 3 months ago
Im 12 too so i guess that read this is not a big deal lol ;)
DirectionerAsf DirectionerAsf 4 months ago
the fact that we all know it's called 69.... 

*jumps in holy water*
SwaggieKidrauhl6 SwaggieKidrauhl6 4 months ago
I read this one before but it was Justin Bieber u copied it but just put harry's name.  I hate people that do that