Long and Dirty Harry Styles Imagines

Imagine a night with harry styles, a member of one direction... Its long and really dirty so dont read it if you get disturbed easily. This is pg 18 by the way, rated R. CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT. A lot of sexual content. Plus, as a bonus, i've added more reaallllyyy dirty imagines with harry! Make sure you vote ok?
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I read this one before but it was Justin Bieber u copied it but just put harry's name.  I hate people that do that
People it's a story it's their imagination gives them a break for petes sake i thought it was good and well detailed :)
*reads this and puts hands together and goes on knees*

"Lord forgive me and bless my soul"
@fantasyfangirling it's funny reading what you said then your profile pic is right next to it
OMG this is nasty af what in the actual hell is this shit? Can you not? Like what the fuckkk
@HarrysDivaGirl my thoughts exactly and also I think that these fanfic ruined my idea of food

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