Long and Dirty Harry Styles Imagines

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lets_ride_unicorns By lets_ride_unicorns Completed
Imagine a night with harry styles, a member of one direction... Its long and really dirty so dont read it if you get disturbed easily. This is pg 18 by the way, rated R. CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT. A lot of sexual content.     Plus, as a bonus, i've added more reaallllyyy dirty imagines with harry! Make sure you vote ok?
Wouldn't that like give you some kind of stfd?? (Sexually food transmitted desise)
So basically, due to what you just did, you would put an orange, a pencil, or anything up there? Yeah yep, sure that makes TOTAL sense woman. Yeah *claps sarcastically*
I was literally going to get some orange juice, but I changed my mind..
Whip cream, strawberries. How much food will they shove up there?!?
how can you talk with a dick in your mouth it's like BO VOO LK IT HAWWY
I read this one before but it was Justin Bieber u copied it but just put harry's name.  I hate people that do that