Things To Do when Your Bored

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kassidy By kassidy Updated 3 years ago
Are YOU extreeeemely bored!? Well, here are alot FUN things for you to do when your BOREED! Like trying to lick your elbow! How much endless hours of fun would that be? So, quick! CLICK IT! Annnd, ENJOOOOOOOOOOOY!

not if you count the north in north America and the south I south America
next time im at a friends house (or somewhere public) im gonna swim in their floor!!! :D
lol i told my bro to do #2 and it was an epic fail when he tried
Lololol number nine is freakin funny as can be!! Im gonna go outside and do that... bye!
@SecretlyNinja lol I know right XD It's pretty boring actually, I don't think that we're much different to you other than the fact that we all have super obvious accents which we don't notice because all of us have them. <(^.^)>
Awkies because I'm Australian and I tried #2, but then realised that you probably have an American accent so I tried it like that and either way I sounded like I have an Australian accent. XD