My thug

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Cescilly Perez By Cescilly Updated 2 years ago
About smoke and cece                                Cece being bullied all her life falls for a thug who will stop at nothing to keep her safe and smoke being smoke is tring to get his life but has struggle and want the girl he love to trust him with every thing what will happen
Wtf that mean dark skin girls are just as sexy as light skin girls don't get it twisted over here got me bent
dark skin girls is sexy even if they ugly ... but I'm sexy even though I'm cute #blackisbeautiful
Why did he have to say "...for a Darkskin...."? He act like darkskins can't be cute
This comment may be offensive.
I hate when people say that. like darkskins can't be cute. You just sound ignorant as fuck.
Is it really that hard to put a period at the end of a sentence?
I like the thus part is kinda a really important part of the b