My thug

About smoke and cece Cece being bullied all her life falls for a thug who will stop at nothing to keep her safe and smoke being smoke is tring to get his life but has struggle and want the girl he love to trust him with every thing what will happen
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Y'all are some idiots, don't y'all know what decipher means. Context clues, key words.She's clearly talking about her HEIGHT.
This is def a book I would love to read but I can't understand it with no punctuation. :(
The spelling is alllll wrong, and I have to go back and correct your words myself it's annoying!!
this could be good but it's too Mich q
work trying to understand Thai. I give up!!!
Umm , I Can't Understand . And I Lost Interest When You Said That Rude Comment About Mindless Behavior . This Needs A lot Of Proofreading !
This shit have a lot of errors , I don't understand . The book seem nice , but correct this shit

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