Jeff The Killer

16 year Natasha Smiler thinks she knows everything about the notorious stone cold killer known as Jeff The Killer, but does she?
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Jeffrey Dahmer is A black kid killer He killed Afican People and Ate there insides
Herobrine..... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ( troll face ) 

I'm more of a jeff , Ben , jack , slender , hoodie , masky and yeah those type of people the well known ones
No my friend was reading this with me. She is OBSESSED with Jeff. She knows EVERYTHING about Jeff.
The Lavender Town Syndrome is true! My head hurt after that vid! (I listened to it on YouTube, my head hurt so bad after that)
Jeffery dahmer was a man who tried to make sex zombie while Jeffery woods is just your all around badass
come on guys there's so many cp she can't put all of them anyways this story is about my number two JTK lol

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