Jeff The Killer

16 year Natasha Smiler thinks she knows everything about the notorious stone cold killer known as Jeff The Killer, but does she?
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Jeffery dahmer was a man who tried to make sex zombie while Jeffery woods is just your all around badass
If only those three boys knew that they were the reason of one of america's biggest serial killer...
I've never heard of Jeff The Killer before so this is a great story for a background.... GREAT JOB :D
I read this backward so I read I washed my teeth and brushed my face I was like what that can't be right
@kenleefaile that is actually true I love reading these books no one knows what his real name is but you do Jeffery Anderson woods
dear lordy what have I just read xD I all you.. the creepiest but most awesome fawking thing ever!

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