Jeff The Killer

16 year Natasha Smiler thinks she knows everything about the notorious stone cold killer known as Jeff The Killer, but does she?
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dear lordy what have I just read xD I all you.. the creepiest but most awesome fawking thing ever!
The author may be British, they tend to use 'mum' instead of 'mom, I think that's why they wrote it like that.
Um...don't HATE me, but Randy was the first kid killed in the living/dining room...
But on another note!!! Amazing story!
Jeffery Dahmer was another killer but he wasn't jeff. But I have to say I love this book. Very nice
Heh, three years? That's a long time to nap, I think he doesn't need to sleep for a long time now.
Well written and I'm a very big Jeff fan and it upset me just a little when he had been asleep for three years and not a week but what ever floats you boat!

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