My Protective and Possessive Mate (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)(DO NOT READ)

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Storm By Storm Updated 3 years ago
When an Alpha finds his mate, they're supposed to start the mating process, fall happily in love, take over the pack and create children. Being an Alpha's mate is the greatest thing that can happen to a she-wolf. But Summer Moon isn't a werewolf, and she's not fit to be an alpha's mate. 
She doesn't trust men. Her father has ruined that for her, and she practically faints if alcohol is even brought up.
She's weak, she's been broken and she's been trapped her whole life. After escaping her father, the very man that has abused her almost half of her young life, eighteen year old Summer Moon is dying to find freedom.

But then she meets Zander. He's goregous, sexy, willing to protect her, loving, and caring. But he's an Alpha werewolf and he's too protective and possessive.
All Summer wants is freedom. To be free, to be away from men. All Zander wants is Summer. To have her be his female alpha, to start a family with her.
Can Summer accept him? And can she deal with all the drama Zander brings? Including a very manipulative younger brother that has happened to fall head over heels for Summer? 

And when she can't seem to stop forgiving and forgetting, people start to take advantage of her.Will Summer's weaping heart be the death of her?
wait a sec. this is not the book I was reading. the girls name was Victoria not summer tf?
@storyteller_ghost He could be a creation made by the government too
not true. one human that is beyond perfect to me is....harry styles.
@xJustKat awwe that's really rude of them, that just means ur shy with new people, and eye contact can easily be worked with :/
*cough*whore*cough cough* 

No I didn't swear or say anything mean, I coughed
I just love the villians or bad people of the story. I mean come on people think about it, without them books and movies will be pointless and borinf