The Vampire Diaries-Season 1

New town. New school. New rules. Katie is determined to fit in and live a happy normal life in Mystic Falls. But when she meets certain people she soon starts to realise that normal is something her life can never be. Season 1.
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I love stephan and Damon both the same. so that's hard and Tyler or Claus for caronline? still in decided. what about you @madisonwaltman
@Beautybykacy  i love the vampirendiarids. just waitbtill you seebwhat happens it gets even better. you will freak and might even cry. whos your favorite?
@Beautybykacy i tldont think  so. maybe a lil but not all because elena didnt have a dad untill the middle where she found out that her uncle was her dad
what what what what ahhh so creepy I have goose bumps ahhh I am scared now what what what what
Is this the real story or just fanfic? If its not, can you tell me the link of the real story? Thank you! :)
NO, I'm joking. You don't have to do it now. I really like this, but I feel as if everything is somehow moving too fast.............

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