What It Takes

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_Dee_2770 By _Dee_2770 Updated 2 years ago
An Apocalypse strikes through the biggest continents in the world all in one day without a warning. 5 surviving students on a field trip discover that they all have one thing in common. Do they have what it takes to survive let alone stop this zombie infestation from happening?
Axeeel Axeeel 3 years ago
The story seems very captivating, I can't say anything bad about it. Though after a character says something add a comma after the last word: "I like your shoes," said Karen. :D

That's all I can pick out. Keep going/
Gwen03 Gwen03 3 years ago
Great plot and description! This was written really well, and my eyes didn't waver from the page. Loved it! :)
singsweetly singsweetly 3 years ago
I love the fresh idea of zombies. Cause a lot of books now are often about vampires and wolves which are getting old. SO YES, really good! THUMBS UP ALL THE WAY!
EnergeticReader EnergeticReader 3 years ago
Loving it loving it:). Its funny how everyone is arguing and stuff i like Ester the best she makes me laugh lol:D.
Pilfer Pilfer 3 years ago
This is my zombie story. It's done more in the sense that it's going to be a book. I already have a professor asking me to publish it with her. But I have to go to that school xD http://www.wattpad.com/1730778-flesh
Jeshhy Jeshhy 3 years ago
Nice writing style. It's very easy for the reader to imagine the scene as you have some description, but it still flows well.Your characters seem very stereotypical, but I'm guessing you did this on purpose. Try not to make it too cliche though. *fingers crossed they die!* xD