Saved by a Woman (GirlxGirl) {Complete}

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Albaluz By Albaluz Completed
Alex is no princess. Her life is no fairy tale. She has gone from home to home ever since her parents were killed. Her life changes when she is brought with a rich and powerful family. Alex never meant for them to like her. She never meant to fall for the hottest girl in school, Kylie. Her life is changing faster than she ever thought possible, but can she over come the obstacles in her way so she can finally be happy?

Saving Alexandria the sequel to SBAW is already up
yeah I kinda figured that out after I read more sorry I'm a idiot u have a great story I just tend to talk before I read!!
I like it but u put in kylies POV then u wrote in third person veiw
katyobsessed katyobsessed a month ago
Loving it so far. I have been wanting to read this for a long and have only just found time!
calxmhood77 calxmhood77 a month ago
it would've been cool if brittany robertson played vanessa's part she's pretty cool
LilMissJJ08 LilMissJJ08 2 months ago
PLEASE TEACH ME! Be my maestro por favor. My grate nan is Cuban but she is too rude and refused to teach me Spanish!
AkiaStrachan AkiaStrachan 3 months ago
that's Selena Gomez's movie name I think... (Another Cinderella Story)