How about never loser? Is never good for you?

Kate Haze is just a normal girl at school. Not nerdy, not popular. Just...Normal...Until Preston Moor comes to her school as a new kid. Then things start to get crazy, and before they know it; They're getting married! How will their friends take it? How will their PARENTS take it? Find out in, "How about never loser? Is never good for you?"
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I'm five foot four I don't consider myself short.  A-W-S-O-M-E Story!!!!!!!!!:):):)
she couldn't just say he was her boyfriend?! 

Well, it makes a great story. So... carry on
@fairy_reader that's what I was thinking but then she thinks it's cute so maybe it's a teddy bear or a poodle.
Why is she so mean to him! In total contradiction to my earlier statement, Kick him again Kate... I think it's funny.
@Loveyducky no i just find it halirous "your gunna be a moor!" ahah ;) i reckon katie moor sounds heaps cool though just my opinuin though! x
Ahah lol this is so good!!! oh my my gosh there getting married! ARRRGGHHH Katie Moor <---- LOL x

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