The Slow Imprint

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_StarWolfWillKillAll By _StarWolfWillKillAll Updated 2 years ago
A couple months ago Justine and her family were attacked by her boyfriend's blood-thirsty family. Luckily Justine escaped the clutches of Nigel's cold hands along with her cousin Harry that came to rescue her. He takes her and protects her somewhere else safe but no longer can't since he has to slay the rest of the vampires in the world. This is where the attractive werewolf protector Sage comes into Justine's life. 

Will he keep her safe?

Or will Justine's past come back to hurt her?

And does Justine want to keep Sage close, not only for protection, but for something more?

Read the story to find out.
becca32610 becca32610 3 years ago
I like it a lot I would love to see where u take this story keep updatin plz
Melsworld Melsworld 3 years ago
Sage is funny I like that and Nigel is a creep what did Justine ever do to deserve him killing her family and trying to do the same to her