Take A Second Look [ON HOLD]

GENRE: Teen Fiction | Romance | Lesbian SUMMARY: What happens when tomboy Nicky Skyler's ever loving father, who always wanted a boy and after having only a daughter, getting her to like things that he would want his son to be interested in, then enrolling her in Xeneelk High the most popular school for it's high standard clubs and social standards of the world. Nothing should be wrong right? Wrong. Nicky was enrolled as a boy with the help of every connection her father had. Not only does she have to get through the whole of high school without anyone finding out she's a girl but she has to deal with the every day daily life a teenager goes through. Copyright © Clay Morebn, 2011-2013 All Rights Reserved
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Wait why are there girls in the classes? Didn't Nicky say there wouldn't be any girls? Anyways this is really good!! :)
Been dreaming that someone would make a decent story about a girl pretending to be a boy in a dorm school. *sighs* I loveee youu xDD
Lol this is so funny, I wrote astory like this once never finished it, it's soooo good don't stop please!:)
Wow, This is really good. I like the length of it and overall its really, really good. Voted, and reading the next chapter! (:
I see that makes sense that his desire intensified for her to be more of a boy and comedy ensues he, he
Aw.. You got me hanging here! LOL.. ^^ but i understand cause i'm typing in a tab.. Hope you finish it soon though.. ^^

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