Sooner or Later...You'll Want Me Again

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Elizabeth By bettyboo125bo Updated 2 months ago
Five years ago, Isyss Dulay left home to pursue her modeling career. Behind, she respectably left friends and family. Now, as a 23 year old famous supermodel, she’s returning home to the life and people she had to leave behind. She finds out that not only has the scenery changed, but the people as well. Among them all, she’s anxious and nervous to greet Cory King again. Does he still have those feelings for her? Has he moved on from her? Is he still the same cocky, arrogant, flirtatious, and fun guy he was when she left? A lot can happen in five years, some for the better…some for the worse. And Isyss is determined to make sure Cory still wants her. This time, it’s her who will be irresistible….                                                                                                                                   [This is the sequel to "Sooner or Later...You Won't Resist Me"]
I remember reading this and being so lost on who the back ground people were ! lmao, glad I read the first one first.
omg 'sooner or later." guy's name initial is C like cory and the girl's name begins with I just like Issys. I know what u did there
Is it me or do all these books make you into movie stars if u get what I mean, Courtney on the the best sellers list, isyss top celebrity, really?
wouldn't it be trippy if her cousin started falling for Cody???
Yeah, he is not dating them as in seriously dating, more like to dates and a BJ before dumping them.... That's what I think anyway
I was so scared because I thought it was Cory. I was so happy it was Brent Daniels who was talking.