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Stuck with your story? Just need some guidance? Suffering from writers block? Well, here are so tips and tricks that should help you out!
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Is it not a teenager saying it? It should sound like a real person is saying it, bot a robot.
I get writers block and this chapter has helped so much :) plus I was laughing all the way through.
I'm not trying to sound mean in anyway, and I myself do hate cap locks too, but I know some authors (including the wonderful J. K Rowling) that use cap locks
Speaking of accents.... I love Russian. Can anyone do it? And I lurv killing of characters. Imagining it helps me sleep at night.
So about characters..... Do u think u could take a look at my book and tell me how my main character, Clara is and give some tips? *blows kisses*
That's what I was thinking. Cause from the way that was worded, even without the likes it sounded kind of teenagerish.

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