Abuse or Love (Princeton Story)

This story is about Y/N who is dating Princeton from Mindless Behavior. In the outside world everyone thinks they are the perfect couple , but in reality no one knows that Princeton abuses Y/N. Will she ever leave him or will she stay and continue to get abused. Read to find out.
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Shyyyyytttttttttt The lies the tell (yes I know how to spell Shid and Shit I just said Shyt to be funny)
*keisha red (yung poppy)* bitch if you want a burger eat a burger bitch if you want a french frie eat a french frie dafuq
this nigga is trying..................... to get them killed. prince is already crazy he black and mexican, thats a cholo and a crip cimbined. that aint cute.
and then yo stupid ass gone say it right back. i aint even been five pages in the story and im already done
^.^@Swaqqinondemhoez  4 real i'm tired of perfect people i want what happends in real life not in no fucking fairytale
i love prince with his fineself but ddaayyymmm he dont have to hit girl i cant have a prunk as a husband -lol-

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