Dirty Little Secrets

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Liliana Hart By Liliana Hart Completed
J.J. Graves has seen a lot of dead bodies in her line of work...

She's not only in the mortuary business, but she's also the coroner for King George County, Virginia. When a grisly murder is discovered in the small town of Bloody Mary, it's up to J.J. and her best friend, Detective Jack Lawson, to bring the victim justice.

The murders are piling up...

When a popular mystery writer shows up on J.J.'s doorstep with plans of writing his new book about the Bloody Mary Serial Killer, J.J. has to decide if he might be going above and beyond the call of duty to create the spine tinglers he's so well known for. 

And passions are rising...

J.J and Jack discover each victim had a shocking secret, and the very foundation of J.J.'s life is in danger of crumbling when it turns out she’s harboring secrets of her own—secrets that make her a perfect target in a deadly game.
Living in a town named Bloody Mary? I would move in no time.
I've only had one Jehovah's Witness come to my house in my entire life and I was like 7 at the time.
Honestly, first world problems *gets hyperthermia in her sleep
I JUST RAN INTO A WALL BECAUSE OE THAT PLOT TWIST THANK YOU AUTHOR!!! (I was also sitting down normally than all the sudden got up and ran into a wall after reading that)
Oh gosh, is this set in America or Britain? I'm a bit creeped out now
No, but I just like guessing what happens in movies and books ahead of time to see how off or right I am :)