When Zombies Attack

The year is 2067. Fifty years ago, a deadly disease plagued the human race. If infected, you turn into hungry, flesh-eating zombies. I'm a sixteen year old girl. I was born into this world, and raised to do one thing. Kill zombies. My parents were bitten a month ago, and I have them locked in the basement of my safe house, testing on them. It's what they wanted. Now, I'm alone. I've killed more zombies in my lifetime than any human before me, which is probably why I'm the only one left. I'm the last human, in a world full of zombies. This is my story.
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This story is really good :)  I hope you write more like this -- these types of stories are my favourite.
I wasn't sure I should read the book but it has great comments...can't WAIT to read
That's scary Shiz... I hate being alone... I can't imagine being alone with zombies...
I love this story so much! I love zombies so much! This is an awesome story! Good job!
I honestly thought this was going to be some stupid book with zombies. But it isn't I was very surprised! I love this book I can't wait to read the second one!!
How does she now she's the only one? I mean its a big world 0.0 u never know I mean there could be this hot guy just waiting to be found be her ;)

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