Untraceable (Harry Potter)

Sapphire Dawn Malfoy was the twin sister of a certain Draco. But she leads a very different life. Blonde, arrogant Draco is a Slytherin king; Dark haired, crazy Sapphire is a Gryffindor lunatic. Abused by her father for as long as she remembers she has to hide her pain somehow! Read this and find out Sapphires adventures through Hogwarts. I suck at descriptions so yeah... :D
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Read free falling, it's the prequel and it's amazing and it tells you who her father is
I thought that through all seven books. I wonder if JK Rowling thought that too.
Saphire black! :D im imagining my version of when black sees his daughter.... nah, too dramatic :P
she is me if I got past my anxiety and people othet than my best friend hung out with me
Yeah I'm in love with her. And I thought I was heteroflexible. Now I'm just bisexual

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