Untraceable (Harry Potter)

Sapphire Dawn Malfoy was the twin sister of a certain Draco. But she leads a very different life. Blonde, arrogant Draco is a Slytherin king; Dark haired, crazy Sapphire is a Gryffindor lunatic. Abused by her father for as long as she remembers she has to hide her pain somehow! Read this and find out Sapphires adventures through Hogwarts. I suck at descriptions so yeah... :D
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omg.. i'm questioning my sanity right now! i siriusly(see what i did there???) started chanting SIRIUS BLACK out loud..
Imagine Mr Ollivander as a rapist... "Hey little girl, wanna come in and test out one of my wands?"
@TheRandomReads YES you need to read another one of the author's books Falling something?
They were pretty hot. Umm no. Why she gettin those thoughts in her eleven year old brain?
This is hilarious!! (But you can't make food from nothing, only transfigure something else into food or increase the quantity)
I know this part is a little sad because she's being abused but the squib part is funny

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