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Kakarot89 By Kakarot89 Updated 2 years ago
I needed a break from E.V.I.L. and this is a short story I came up with one night. For some reason when I was younger I was afraid of the machine voice that picks up telling you the number was disconnected so I worked with that. This is also my first story ever to be told from female perspective. It's also set in the past (mid 90s). I thought about submitting this to TheCreepyHomeboys but I am happy with the story I have with them. Though they might like this one more. I would like to dedicate this to them, all of them. Thanks to aTouchOfClass for the cover.
AshuraOu AshuraOu 2 years ago
Wow. Scary stuff, monotone voices. Great job with causing fear, it was indeed quote frightening. Although logically the plot makes little sense, it's good for scream-your-head-off horror.
Poetical_Friday Poetical_Friday 3 years ago
@Kakarot89  I didn't think it was THAT much of horror (((: But, shame on me haha I still play my GameBoy Advance xD
AliasLestat AliasLestat 3 years ago
I don't think I will every hear the disconected phone recording the same way ever again, next time I'm hanging up before it can finish talking....
aTouchOfClass aTouchOfClass 3 years ago
By the way, I like the cover but I think the cover should be a little more creepier, But that's just my opinion, Thought I'd share that with you :)
TheTimelessClock TheTimelessClock 3 years ago
Gosh, I would have been freaked out as soon as I heard the person speaking on the phone and then if I saw that...ew. Rather gory I must say. An effective short story - well done and voted! :)
ArkhamsHorror ArkhamsHorror 3 years ago
As I said before, great work bro =D

Well earned vote for giving me the chills.