My Cheating Mate (Fully Edited)

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BellaDemont By BellaDemont Completed
Elizabeth Montgomery has a mate.
He is over possessive, a jerk and the guy that bullied her since she was a child.

I walked towards the door a huge grin in my face that quickly disappeared as soon as I open the door.

"Harder.... Faster...More Max!" Britney yelled as she trailed her nails in his back.

They didn't even notice me there much less when I ran out of his room.
Fucking Mate. I was always right about him.
Luv-U123 Luv-U123 6 months ago
I don't know..... Maybe using it... -.- that should be the excuse
demoninthedark5206 demoninthedark5206 2 years ago
@kokolenny She can use whatever scent she wants to because the book is a different one because it doesn't matter.
k_k_love15 k_k_love15 2 years ago
you are not allowed to use vanilla and rosses you are just using this from the other book and u know which one