My Cheating Mate

Elizabeth Montgomery has a mate. He is over possessive, a jerk and the guy that bullied her since she was a child. I walked towards the door a huge grin in my face that quickly disappeared as soon as I open the door. "Harder.... Faster...More Max!" She yelled as she digged her nails in his back. They didn't even notice me there much less when I ran out of his room. Fucking Mate. I was always right about him.
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Nice nickname but they are more like fake cheerios..... I also think you have the cereal  cheerios feeling as you compared him with those 50% monsters
I have a feeling if I were a werewolf I'd have the same relationship with her as she does with hers haha
@kokolenny She can use whatever scent she wants to because the book is a different one because it doesn't matter.
Omg I get it!
Aria Montgomery. Idk if you know but i just thought of pretty little liars immediately so im in love with this<3
they did the exact same thing as the other book, you need to be more original and do your own thing.
you are not allowed to use vanilla and rosses you are just using this from the other book and u know which one

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