His Personal Slave

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_comicforfreaks By _comicforfreaks Updated a year ago
Working for your boss sounds like a piece of cake. On the other hand, coming from Hannah Jenkins, working with a boss, who is a male model and is a complete conceited jerk, is a living nightmare. Put a poor, working girl like Hannah Jenkins and a wealthy, male model like Cameron Bailey under one mansion, and you get World War III. As for Hannah, being his personal slave doesn’t seem so lucky. 

**Original copy was written in 2010.

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JessicaBethea JessicaBethea a year ago
I'm so sorry but I can't read your story any longer. It has too many grammatical errors and I think that you should have spellchecked it first before you posted it. But it is very good and your on the right path.
JeanRecto JeanRecto 2 years ago
ahhhmmmmffff......wafooo kaau ug story ayyyy.......i need book2
joandel joandel 2 years ago
hope I could d finally read the rest of the story... I'm so excited pls post the recent chapters already.... thanks keep up the good work
roastedpiglet roastedpiglet 2 years ago
Ang ganda naman, Ate Ry. Pati na rin 'yung song hihi hihi. Can't wait for the next update! :)