Harry Potter's Killer

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My name is Aria Potter, yes Potter. I'm Harry's twin sister, much to my dismay. Unlike Potter, I am not sad over the loss of my parents. Frankly, it's what they deserved. They didn't love me, they didn't save me, they saved Harry. It was not Lily's love that protected him. The deal was one child was given to Voldemort, the other would live. They handed me over. Voldemort used to tell me, I was the spitting image of Lily, that's not comforting. Voldemort raised me as his own, and loved me as a daughter, as I loved him as a father. Harry killed Voldemort, so now I'm gonna kill Harry.
EJMAandRNZC1826 EJMAandRNZC1826 a year ago
Omg I am about to read the second series this series is awesome oh and pls can you read my book
DavidBray DavidBray 2 years ago
Finishes this in one day. AMAZING read. I'm so glad people like this are so good at fan fic
Booksforwho Booksforwho 2 years ago
omg stayed up till 2 last night finished this and Voldemorts killer 
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Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! im too scared to read but im forcing myself to!!! lol
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I read a fanfics just like this, I already like this one bettwr
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Woah! I read the prologue and thought : wow cool! but than I saw all the chaps O__O maybe later.. xD