I'm In Love, With My Brother.... [Brother/Sister Romance]

"Is it possible, for someone to feel so deeply,even though it's forbidden? For someone to fall in love with their brother? I guess so considering it's happened to Anna Garcia and her brother Antonio Garcia. She fell deeply in love after that one fateful night..." Anna fell in love with her brother after a very unfair game of spin the bottle. So what happens when he feels the same way? Will they willingly show their feelings or will they shamefully hide it from anyone? After all falling for a sibling isn't legal....
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Don't know why other's think it is disgusting :( This is really sweet and it does happen; my friend is in love with her twin brother :D
@youbetterberight  Do you have any stories published in Wattpad? Would like to read them.
Whoa Derrr this is kinda  nasty cuz it's her bro but interesting lol this book is good gotta read more :)
awsome i think its kinda wierd me reading and liking these brother and sis storys but ther are just soooo romantic i wonder wats gonna happen next so exited
I'm sorry... but you people need help. How the heck can you be in love with your brother/sister. You need mental help for that because that' disgusting.
Great book. I kept reading and reading. I couldn't put it down. Finished it in a day! Thank you!!!!

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