Justin Bieber Dirty Imagines

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Infinate_Bieber By Infinate_Bieber Updated 2 years ago
Here are a bunch of dirty imagines for you! I'm not that good at them but enjoy!
Can u make one with me and justin. My name is bianca frazier
shut up. if you hate justin bieber then why are you reading this??
I'm pretty for sure his junk isn't even 10, it's probably 14, so leave .
Next make one where Justin has sex with a black man :D HAHAHAHA! LOL! And he has a vagina too :D
10 inches?! HAHAHAHA! YOU'RE TOO FUNNY! More like 2 or if he's lucky 3 inches ;) HAHAHAHA!
I love all ofyour stories there amazing you should be famous for that :)