Plunged into Darkness (blind human/vampire)

ELIZABETH : Six years ago there was a horrible accident. Unfortunately my parents did not survive, but I did. One problem – I lost my sight. But it’s true what they say; lose one sense and all others heighten . . . even more than I realized. JESSE: Over a hundred years ago there was a horrible accident. My village did not survive, but unfortunately my brother and I did. One problem – we were turned to vampires.
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I just thought of her too. Her eyes are so green. But lots of people on PLL freak me out.
my sister did that to me when I tried to kick her, and she pulled the $h!t outta my leg an I fell to my knees, it hurts like a b!t©h
lml, totally reminded me of Jenna from Pretty Little Liars....she freaks me out :[
Okay it's 1:21 am and I'm laughing from ur story, well trying to muzzle the sound of my laughter
*reads da summary* *scream whispers*"HOLY FUCKEN SHIT THIS LOOKS AWESOME" will comment more
I actually really love this so far. Your writing is very believable, it sounds like how teens would speak x)

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