A Letter to My Heart

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Aaron_the_nobody By Aaron_the_nobody Completed
How would you feel if the girl you love doesn't love you back?
 Well, this is a letter from A guy  who is deeply in love with a girl who doesn't even acknowledge him to his heart.
areyoubusy01 areyoubusy01 6 months ago
i know how it feels to love somebody who doesnt notice you at all.. 
this is sooo cute!!
dutchOTAKU4life dutchOTAKU4life 8 months ago
That was sweet. adorable, sad and hopeful at the same time. It was really good written and it looked/felt honest to me
Supercow75 Supercow75 8 months ago
So guys feel like that hmm makes me feel better knowing guys feels like girls and I think It Gould have been longer it was really good
Tinoona Tinoona 8 months ago
so knowing that ur a guy.. it surprised me that guys feel the same way what we girls do feel too..woah. one of my question was answered
rixter rixter 2 years ago
This was so sweet and relatable. You have such lovely writing , x
jerkpids_munchkins jerkpids_munchkins 2 years ago
That girl should really notice him... I love it. It's really sweet, romantic, and sad :(