My Next Door Neighbor

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Taylor By jilguera Completed
Trent Harrison has been living in the tiny town of Maplewood for nearly a month now. Despite the nosey locals and the over friendly women carrying pies and caseroles it's just what he needs. His own private escape from a pushy mother and a ex that just doesn't get that he wants nothing to do with her. That is until one day while going to get the paper he finds a packet on his door step. Inside is a stack of papers with the title "My Next Door Neighbor"
This is an extremely good book. I hope you finish it. It would b a big let down of you dropped it. Please update.
Your book is awesome, I love it! I can't wait until you update though!
Will someone please check out my story "That's Kate?!" And reply some feedback? Thank you! It's a 1D fan fiction, by the way.
updates? where are the updates? Come on, it was getting soooo interesting! don't let it drop!!! please!
dude this is awesome i mean this is the best story i've ever read so kindly finish the story can't wait
You should finish writing. Ad write a book cause that was really good i wanna know what happened after he read what was inside. Lol.