Born Under No Circumstances

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_RebaCharm By _RebaCharm Updated 2 years ago
Sarah Gardner has been kidnapped by the one and only Dimitri Augustine. But what would the leader of the most powerful gang in the world want with an average girl like Sarah? The answer is a strange one, but Sarah soon finds out her life is at stake if she does not submit herself to Dimitri's son, Mikhail.
DustinRoxie DustinRoxie 3 years ago
This is so good, please upload soon im twitching with anticipation. But I absolutely love it. Keeps me on my toes. And ill see you Tuesday at the dreary (you know what) hole. Loves you,your bestest friend! :)
Pepsi_Hitman Pepsi_Hitman 3 years ago
It sounds interesting. Nothing I've ever read on here before. Spelling mistakes here and there but the story line is strong and you don't fall under a cliched plot.
AshStar2 AshStar2 3 years ago
damn, your picture is a really good hide and seek player!
well anyway, enjoyed your chapter UPDATE SOONER!!
dixiegirl1993 dixiegirl1993 3 years ago
ok hun, ur pics still arent showing up and thank u for uploading :) and u should upload more :)

i think maybe you copying the wrong image URL, i can try for you if u want me to?
dixiegirl1993 dixiegirl1993 3 years ago
hey awesome story, love it so far! update soon!!! and they cant work u like that, ur still underage...