Paybacks A BITCH But So Am I... (Swans don't get mad)

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xXMarry-me-MerlinXx By xXMarry-me-MerlinXx Updated a year ago
Harper Woods, at 17 , a pretty, confident girl, you might even call her a player.. Harper Woods at 14, awkward, clumsy, shy, and according to Nathan Miller a hideous, pathetic, loser. 
Harpers back, after 3 years away, she thought she’d forget about her first crush, her only crush but the words still cut deep. 
But she plans to get the last laugh, Harper Woods doesn’t forget and she definitely doesn’t forgive. When Nathan sets his eyes on the 17 year old Harper, she doesn’t get mad, she gets even.
Sara_bieber13 Sara_bieber13 4 months ago
honey, make sure you don't have an orgasm in the middle of the hallway
killjoyX0 killjoyX0 a year ago
Looks interesting but pleeeeease don't let it end wit her and Nathan falling in love
Carolsaysheylo Carolsaysheylo 2 years ago
WOAH! FIRST STORY!? its amazing, way better than i could ever do! I'm loving reading this, im bouncing in my seat, im so excited! EEEEEEEKKK
ForeverMoi ForeverMoi 2 years ago
Couple of grammatic errors but whatever... your story was funny and your writing style confident, good job :)
dandelion_queenie dandelion_queenie 2 years ago
I actually like this story. I was confused as to what it was about but when I read more I really liked it. I hate reading the casts when I scroll down because then it ruins my view of the character. But anyways it's really good I enjoy your story. :)
dreamy_ dreamy_ 2 years ago
Nice job! But remember capitals and punctuation, sometimes you forget them. And you had a spacing problem near the end of page one. But you're doing a good job so far! And the cover is cute:D