Her Box

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cristencarol By cristencarol Updated 10 months ago
"They say that you'll only get what you can handle. I just don't find this statement true. My mother's death on my 18th birthday was way more than I could manage alone. My father left when I was just six so I really had no one except for the people who always told me 'I know this death was hard, I just want you to know that I'm here for you' that's probably one of the biggest lies I've heard. The only things I really have are my grandparents and my box."  Chelsea Murphy is heading off to college at NYU to get away from the small town she grew up in to escape the painful memories and sympathy. She has a hole in her already damaged heart. She just needs someone to come along and help her repair it.
E_Nonymous E_Nonymous 10 months ago
Just so you know, in the book's description it says she was four.
drichy2007 drichy2007 2 years ago
Great first chapter !!  I like the name "her box" and I'm sure you've got lots of great stories to tell from all the memories that the box contains....... keep up your excellent writing and story line...
bloumeakiss bloumeakiss 2 years ago
I agree with Redalen. You got me interested in the story with the intro and it makes me want to read more. very good start for a story.
Redalen Redalen 2 years ago
Story is still really good. Good that she is getting a fresh start. I dont have any criticism. I knw someone said the ch.'s were short but who cares?? :)
Redalen Redalen 2 years ago
Aww, u had me tearing up with the intro. :'( super sad. very good story tho.
VogueVita VogueVita 2 years ago
Great storyline! I like the idea of an item connecting her to her mother but the chapters are so short! Making the chapters longer would give readers more time to connect to the story/characters and get as much detail as possible!