How to Make a Good Book Cover on Wattpad

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Learn how to make a good book cover! In here, I will give secrets about the photo editing, tips about the picture, and more!
LOOOL IM DYING....I read nothing is impossible first then when I saw the comments I realized the typo.

Nothing is possible....Thx for the words of encouragement XD
What about this girl starts to fall in love with her middle school bully? I don't know a title or a cover they both like to surf
sounds like a good idea! If you wrote it, I would absolutely read it... maybe recommend it! :D
How about a book about a girl that didn't know she was a vampire. She thinks her father is dead and almost everything she knows turns out to be a lie. I was thinking of the title Secrets Revealed?
Thanks for leaving the tip. I need to go and edit my cover. It isn't exactly very useable right now.
Of you don't ask permission, then you should clearly state in one of your chapters, preferably the first page, that the pictures DO NOT belong to you if you don't want t get sued or anything like that.