The School Biggest Player says I am His Mate......... As If!!!!

Scarlet and Stefan Wilson are twins they do everything together even talk at the same time. What happens when they got to a new school filled with werewolves and humans. Or is there family secret they don't know about? Not soon after Carter the school Player finds out Scarlet is his mate. Leaving Carter to changr his sleeping ways with other women. Can Carter change his sleeping ways for his mate? Or will Scarlet even talk to him.... let alone accept him.
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I have no questions except that I want you in my book "wow (writers on wattpad)" just no. Telepath? That's not real. the talking at the same time yeah, and feeling each others feelings maybe but Telepath?
I think this is a good book. It's a bit confusing and you use the word " player" alot. But still a good book.   *)
I think you need to edit this but its good but just a tad but confusing without the speech marks and you use twin way too much, but its really good, keep up!!
U have a little bit of errors every now and then ...I could help u with that ...just message me !!
That sleeping together on same bed & hold her to him...creeps me out even if dey are twins....

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