Seeing Double

Meet the Whitley twins, Ian and Daniel. They’re hot, they’re popular and they’re both madly crushing on their childhood best friend, Andrea Stiles; a clueless, varsity field hockey player with almost a 4.0 GPA. Being denser than a rock, how long would it take for Andrea to realize just what goes on inside their pretty heads? And once she does, what will happen to their lifelong friendship? And most important of all, who will she choose?
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loving this book,  I like Daniel, he seems sweet and Ian seems like the jerk, obviously. but this new dude... hmm will have to wait and see.
I reallllly like Ian :D
Not so much Daniel,

and I love Andrea's personality!
Keep up the work
so adorable!!

I really like Ian, as sad as that sounds 
And, Daniel (n) no way
This is such a funny and cute story! I really enjoy it! I am going to keep reading!
xD I bet Josh is really Harry Potter in a normal clothes disguise!!!! Yeah, im going crazy, funny how im still up.......
I like it, that would be adorable, just watching this all go out! :D When I grow up Im so wishing for twins!

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