Who Knew? (Justin Bieber Fanfic.)

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Kylie Braun, 16, the daughter of Scott Braun or as some of you may know him as Scooter Braun, never liked the annoying, self centered, jerky superstar known as Justin Bieber. Kylie thought her life would be normal. One day Kylie's dad told her that she was going on tour and had to live with Justin Bieber.  Kylie's dad was Justin Bieber's manager and Kylie hated him. Everyone thought he was caring and nice but only she knows how the superstar really is. Will she hate Justin forever? Does Justin hate her? What would happen? Will they get together? Or will Kylie push Justin away? Read to find out!
lol i literally just finished the sequel and now im reading this again
slow it down kylie, im pretty sure he touched ur hand b4, 2 hours ago u were talking shít about it 
she should be happy she even has a dad wtf i wish i knew my dad✋
Ayyy turn up my name is Ashley & Imma shy ass btch too #twinzzz
                                    so thats normal for her listen here kylie i need that 500 dollar give me that 
i would've said " yes boo and ur invitation got lost in the mail u cant sit with us "