Who Knew? (Justin Bieber Fanfic.)

Kylie Braun, 16, the daughter of Scott Braun or as some of you may know him as Scooter Braun, never liked the annoying, self centered, jerky superstar known as Justin Bieber. Kylie thought her life would be normal. One day Kylie's dad told her that she was going on tour and had to live with Justin Bieber. Kylie's dad was Justin Bieber's manager and Kylie hated him. Everyone thought he was caring and nice but only she knows how the superstar really is. Will she hate Justin forever? Does Justin hate her? What would happen? Will they get together? Or will Kylie push Justin away? Read to find out!
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Why on earth would she do that .... I know it's to shut them up but .... C'mon really 
why do they always name them Kylie, like I want to see a fanfic where her name is Gertrude
my dad buys me new jordans every two months if I am good but I get to hang out with him too
Oooooof course her name is Kylie. Where are the messy buns, tribal print leggings, and oversized sweaters?
4 time I searched through my library and found this I remember how good it is so hi
hell nah. they better not ask for shitt. she should've went around passing out punches in the face

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