Love or Lust (Under Massive Revision)

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_Maexer By _Maexer Updated 6 months ago
Jasmin Lee Leyva-- a daughter of a business tycoon. A sophisticated, powerful, intimidating and the best term that fits on her "liberated". She only wants short affair or the so called "no strings attached" but all of this ruin when she met her match.
What do you think is the most important? Love or... Lust?

banhildz banhildz a year ago
Im start reading on wattpad. I thought its somekind a boring.. but im wrong! So now ive loved to read all the time.. especially this one.. hmmm all the comments are saying nice reading this. So here I go..
Cocoa04 Cocoa04 a year ago
The first of story that I've seen from you author is My childhood husband that is on going :"] then na hook ako at natapos ko na yung kila Eunice .. and now I'm gonna start reading Jasmine's love life :") I'm sure swak nanaman to sa ganda.
LoveonTOPbaby LoveonTOPbaby a year ago
So this is Seph's sister story Ms.A? I would really read this because your a great author. The prologue is so vicious fantastic
Harlene101 Harlene101 a year ago
so this is the story of Jasmine bitch/witty? haha I'll start to read it. Parang mas maikli to compare sa Seducing my bestfriend brother. Hello Ms.A idolize kita kaya babasahin ko na to. I'll also wait for the story of Dave and Chloe as so to Aleina&Mark :'>