That Hood Chick(Roc royal|mindless behavior)

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Chanel Kittybhoo Priester By Chanel Kittybhoo Priester Updated 2 years ago
Ra'sheka lives in boogie down bronx new york she is a bad bitch she will kill a shawty with one finger and thats by using her fully automatic no chick messes with her but boys try to holla at her but she nevers give them the time a day but when her dad big time buisness man moves them out the hood into one of the flyest houses  in L.A. she transfers schools she never really had friends cause they were nothing but gold diggers any ways so she thought L.A. couldnt be that bad but she meets L.a. badest boy chresanto august or people call him roc the dope boy bad ass girls love him but be doesnt love them back not until he meets ra'sheka things change will roc loosen up and stop being a bad boy and will ra'sheka become the prissy L.a. chick find out in That Hood Chick
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bruhh i live in the bronx ( NEw york. if dat bitch came up to me her ass will be on her forhead!
@PrincetonsWifeyOrNah right... it'll maybe make more since if he was going on tour
That's dumb asf Who goes on a damn buisness trip for two years,come on be more beleivable
bitch I'll snatch yo forehead the fuxk off .play with me hoee
she flip that 2$ WEAVE ONE MORE TIME IMMA staple it to her top lip
girllll talk about the trailor park trashyness you gree up in . she better take a seat in that lil bus seat she used to have to sit in 

i wouldve took all her 2$ tracks out her head and stapled em to her top lip and say who the top "b" now