Slave To Love

Skye Mayers is a seventeen year old girl who was taken captive by vampires. She caused trouble and refused to do as she was told, resulting in no vampire wanting to buy her as a slave. Held there for over a year, she was finally bought by Prince Blaze, Prince of all vampires. What will happen next? How will it end up with a slave who doesn't do as she's told and a master with a short temper?
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Please read my books. Tell others if u like them please. 
And can u give me ideas for my books
Good chapter! I'm not sure if you noticed but near the end instead of saying 'my master' it says 'me master'. Keep up the good work!
rossieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noooooo she eight no cry tear tear no that evil man kill him so hard
So I'm interested to know where you got your story idea. Considering I read a story with the same title that's pretty much identical to this. Interesting....
i loved ur other book rogue and alpha so i wanted 2 give this one a try i know its only chapter 1 bit i ready luv it as much as ur other one!! xxx
@Moni234 me too. Awww. Poor Rosie. I hate that she was sold to that evil bastard.

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