Until I Make You Mine

Jerald Benecsky is just a mechanical drone, going through mid-life crisis in his mid-thirties. He doesn't know what to make of his life, despite his nice paying job of real estate and his charming good looks. That is, until he sets his eyes on 15 year old Dominico "Dommie" Everly in the café one rainy day. Dommie has the most purest blue eyes Jerald has ever seen. His resilient cocoa colored skin also catches Jerald's attention, as does his white cane and braille spiraled papers he carries around with him. Jerald mentally plants into his mind the teen's schedule and what days he comes to the café, so that he can secretly watch the teen from afar. Jerald is in love with the teen, even if he is blind. Jerald is not at all gay. Dommie just has something magnificent that shines in his eyes and sincere smile. Jerald plots a plan to make Dominico his one and only. What he doesn't know yet, is how to do that. He'd be in big trouble with the law if anyone were to find out his plan to steal his love. It's seen as pedophilia and rape to the law, but Jerald thinks otherwise. He will make the blind teen his. What will Jerald have to do to make Dominico Everly his love?
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@Wackyweirdochic ;D yep. :) Its really good. Nice writing.g you got dare, love! C;
I really like this! I think both of them are becoming my favorite characters now! ;) Ooh, sorry Dommie, Jerald is up against ya, love! ;D

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