The Experiment of Dr. X

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i_believe By i_believe Updated 3 years ago
Emma was a normal girl, until one day she woke up in the care of the mysterious Dr. X and his assistant Dr. Y. She discovered that she and her extremely attractive companion Damian were part of a top secret experiment; they were to become superhuman. With new and developing powers and a shadowy enemy lurking just out of sight, Emma and Damien struggle to survive as the experiments of Dr. X.
Cool kitchen :3 But I'm having trouble thinking /anyone/ would react the way she does in this story. That's something you have to keep track of when writing. Think, "What would I really do if I were in this situation?"
Good opening. I was not expecting Dr. Y to be some grandmotherly figure.
wait her parents know about this? how could they agree to this? 
                                    'there may be others soon' that does not sound good
                                    LOVED IT!