The Midnight Prank War (Watty Awards 2012)

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_AlaskaEverfall By _AlaskaEverfall Updated 11 months ago
[COMPLETED] Humiliation is second-nature to Luna Richards.
For some unknown reason, the universe hates her -and doesn't try to hide it, either.
Setting horrifying first impressions, unacknowledged by close friends and having the boy of her dreams in love with Luna's mother are merely the beginning.
Deciding she's suffered enough, she devises a plan. Seven victims, one night to show what utter humiliation feels like.
What can possibly go wrong?
sennnpai sennnpai a year ago
The blurb sounds really awesome! Not many Wattpad books can catch my attention with the blurbs alone. Hopefully it won't disappoint! :D
This is soo lunatic, no wonder it got watty. Best read up to now. :D
OnceUponABook13 OnceUponABook13 2 years ago
Lol at first when I read the first part of this chapter I thought it was a Harry Potter fan fix cause of Luna and Cedric's names xD
Binibining_K Binibining_K 2 years ago
Starting to read it!!! Whohoohohoh..

Where do you get the Chewbucket thing on the name??

LadyLuck123 LadyLuck123 2 years ago
Hahaha, Chewbucket... what a funny name. XD Interesting start. The character seems funny and sarcastic and a bit weird, but still likeable. XD The werewolf thing was a bit weird... how come she just...bit him? o.O
ashlandlover ashlandlover 2 years ago
OMG lol skips off into the night! LOL hahahah the teacher relationship !!!! hahahhaah dude